Sunday, July 26, 2009


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karen lise fratkin: hello
Bailey S: Hello, Karen Lise Fratkin, welcome to Nordstrom!

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Bailey S: I see your question: i bought some shoes instore an hour ago. just checked online and it appearts that the same shoe is going for 30 less.
karen lise fratkin: right
Bailey S: I would be more than happy to check on that for you!
karen lise fratkin: great
karen lise fratkin: ahnu trainers
karen lise fratkin: tilden
Bailey S: Unfortunately, we have a different system than the stores do. Since you purchased your item in the store, I am not able to see the specifics of your transaction. Therefore, the store will need to process the price adjustment for you. Would you like the phone number of the store you purchased the shoes in?
Bailey S: They will be able to issue the price adjustment for you.
karen lise fratkin: no
karen lise fratkin: I have the number and they are closed
Bailey S: Would you like to know what time they open tomorrow?
karen lise fratkin: is this automatedd
Bailey S: I am sorry, I do not understand. Is what automated?
karen lise fratkin: are you a person or are these questions being answered by an automated service
Bailey S: I am a real person, not a computer.
karen lise fratkin: ok great
karen lise fratkin: what I dont understand is what you meant when you said that you will look into that
karen lise fratkin: what are you looking into?
Bailey S: I am sorry, I was just typing a response to your question. I am sorry for the confusion.
Bailey S: Is there anything else that I can assist you with tonight?
karen lise fratkin: haha
karen lise fratkin: well
karen lise fratkin: really, the deal is this
karen lise fratkin: I am nordstrom card holder
karen lise fratkin: I am just wondering if you can tell what the prices are instore
karen lise fratkin: and if not
Bailey S: Unless I call the store, I am not able to get their price of an item. I am sorry about that. As I stated before, we have a different system than they do, so I am not able to see what they sell certain merchandise for.
Bailey S: I am sorry.
karen lise fratkin: I really just wanted to price check with
karen lise fratkin: you
karen lise fratkin: thats unfortunate that you dont have that access
Bailey S: I know, I am sorry.
karen lise fratkin: do the stores have access to the nordstroms webpag
karen lise fratkin: e
Bailey S: The store can issue you a price adjustment tomorrow when they are open. All you will need to do is tell them the price you saw online, and they will issue it for you.
Bailey S: Yes, they can see our online merchandise.
karen lise fratkin: Baily?
Bailey S: Yes?
karen lise fratkin: the thing is
karen lise fratkin: whatever
karen lise fratkin: thanks
Bailey S: Is there anything else I can assist you with at this time?
karen lise fratkin: can you note something for me
Bailey S: Yes. What would you like me to note?
karen lise fratkin: can you note that this system is a waste of time for this particular situation.
Bailey S: I will pass along the feedback, yes. I am sorry for the inconvenience.
karen lise fratkin: its ok
karen lise fratkin: have a good night
Bailey S: Thank you, you too.
Bailey S: Thank you for visiting Nordstrom. Have a great day, Karen Lise Fratkin! Please feel free to visit Live Chat again or contact us at 1.888.282.6060. To finish your chat session today click the ‘End Session’ button in the bottom right hand corner.
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