Saturday, May 03, 2008


we did it tonight. thank god. now I am baked and shaked. kisses. Erin, how was John Doe? I bet he was awesome.

Friday, May 02, 2008

george asked

what ties you to that piece of land. I said to eat my shit. that's not what I meant. I meant, jesus. I don't plan well and I guess that I am scared. I want to go. I want to get the fuck out. I tie myself here. me and randy. we both want to leave. you get used to something being easy and want change., but too lazy and short changing. I have to get more positive. work is kind of fucking with me. People there are so young. in their early to mid 20's. and in a few weeks I will be twice their age. I don't want to keep competing with them. you know? I don't want what they want. why do I cling to this way of making a living. it's creative and stuff like that, but it's really demanding.
that's all about that. I love people in la. the traffic is messing with peoples minds. serenity now!

things that we say

what could be more natural? I am expressing the desire to talk to your intention. just remember no over excitement, please.
these walls are around me. god,where was I thinking of going?

Thursday, May 01, 2008

excellent my dear

just leave him. just leave him to me. toesies. still big one. do you hear that?

number 86 to report to number 2 immediately.. well why not? if he has doubts. suspicions even. lucky day. an unmutual. saved by social convergence to feel different. see you soon.

we laughed.
too much of a social convert this time.
I hit them all.
planning a funeral. I want to make him happy. the Ecstasy of illusion. I'm higher. I'm higher than number 2.
maybe she's watching over number 6.
86 report to number 2.
see? watch. yeah. watch. see? I am going to count to 4 down to number one.
everything went as planned sir.
we used just sound.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

for kris

I enjoyed you the other day. you are so easy and interested. sometimes me no, sometimes you no. that day was magic again. I really love you. thanks.
there's my eyebrow that I fucked up. I actually like it.

Monday, April 28, 2008

oh my

I want to. so bad. I think that I cut myself. mccain. your angle.rain on the run. tigers going and gone and my moment came. did it go that way? oh my god. I can't wait. I don't know.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


how could one be right one be wrong?

the days are long.

shit it was over a hundred down there today. man, all I can say is ultra fantastic yum yum, want it now now

by the way, I believe that this is als bar up for lease.

thank you for stopping by