Thursday, March 27, 2008

oh shit

I Think that i am done for the evening. can you say fucked up? I love you all.

I am narcissistic

but this time I care. look at this shit. I love it

man this place sucks

it does and it doesn't. we have dragged our feet kicking and screaming, but la may finally become a city. Maybe Mr. Gus will lead us. you never know.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

so a sheet of ice 10x the size of manhatten melted in antarctic

does that mean we are off the hook? did we get away with murder? do you get me? I mean, I don't know how we can follow any laws. there are no governments in the world that follow any rules. the us certainly follows no rules. we are part of the machine. if you aren't fighting for the injustices, then you are GUILTY. since the most that I do these days is sign petitions, I am guilty. since I see no revolution, you are just as guilty. so the best that we could hope for, is to drown like the fucking cowards that we are. can I hear an amen?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

century city plaza

val and i went to century city mall today. as it was easter, all of the stores were closed. the only stores that were open, were banarepublic and some Persian clothing store.
as a jew, I was horrified to find that I couldn't shop. my people and I tried to pull Macys handles off of their hinges .
so we went across to the century city plaza and had a good look around the place. we waded in 1 of the 3 wading pools. it was really cool. there was a huge wedding that was starting to happen. women with gorgeous nose jobs. we pondered if these new noses would hold out (DNA speaking) for future generations? I wonder if that is extra.
we left there and went to pink taco. it's a pussy bar. meaning, there's the chance of pussy to be given. rather, teased. but not to two ladies til we were ready to pay the bill. none the less, it was a nice pink margarita.
I feel good. I bought two exercise balls.
blah blah. I saw that someone IN Rhode island looked at my blog. who could it be?

thank you for stopping by