Thursday, March 06, 2008

my mom called

she said that she was anxious. that she was a bad mistake on gods part. she said that even her mom said that she should never have been born.

I told her what I liked to do in those situations, is to imagine my parents as crazy people. don't take it so personally.

so she says that she doesn't want a psycho therapy conversation with me.
I said that she never wants my advice..
she said that she did, just not when it was trite.

topsy turvy evening

I finally forgave my mom tonight. it came to me that my love for her outweighs my anger/ as the anger melts away. by whole self can love again.
sorry if I was bitchy to you, randy isn't naked and it embarrased me that you said that. I felt a little too exposed. it was good that you said that, thank you.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


i love him. special special

what happened today

today, I went to work. very exciting. people were coughing all around me. you would have thought that I worked at a hospital. this wouldn't be so bad, if I actually thought that we would all be done soon. I mean really!!!! how much worse do we need to be. I feel agony every day and yet, I also feel extreme sensuality everyday. I will boldly say, that I am really happy to be here.

Monday, March 03, 2008


so cryptic. believe me, it doesn't mean a thing. what if it did? how are you tonight? I can't stop being me, so I am flooding you. the irony, is that i am my only reader. so that means that i am flooding me. "you have to lose me to find you..."

sorry, james...

you are just so damn photogenic. I want to let any customers here know, that I most certainly did not get his permission.

should I change my blogs name to, without permission? how do you say that in spanish?

btw, I am going to learn spanish through a podcast. do you think that will work?

am I good? is my nature bad? am I a good, bad for you person?

thank you for stopping by