Friday, May 11, 2007

fire week

I thought that I would go down to the beach to see what the sky would look like at sunset. I saw part of Griffith park today. real ashy and white. I wanted to hike it, but it seems that the park is still closed. sad I really wanted pictures of it. there were all these weird bugs flying around.

I was rear ended

this chick hit me. she claimed that it was her fault. her coffee slipped. no drivers license. no id. no registration. no insurance card on her. she seemed so nice in a totally bitchy way. she said that she was already running late. blah blah blah. turns out that she has no insurance. I wanted to settle with her, but she just kept getting weirder. apparently her insurance lapsed while she was in rehab. really, she said this.

what's he doing in there?

he's not stupid. he just looks like he is on a mental vacation. like from office space.

he thinks that he's fishing.

Monday, May 07, 2007

one and one and one is three

hi ya,

I am starting to feel better.

I am having a problem right now. I love my mom, but I am so irritated by her. I feel bad. I am judging her in ways I would never want to be judge. isn't it funny how the ones closest to us, get burned the most? maybe that is me. It's making me judge my character... again.
I have 6 more days off. time off is so good. why haven't I figured out my back up yet?

thank you for stopping by