Tuesday, February 13, 2007


...the Bird for a while appear'd lively enough; but upon a greater Exsuction of the Air, she began manifestly to droop and appear sick, and very soon after was taken with as violent and irregular Convulsions, as are wont to be observ'd in Poultry, when their heads are wrung off: For the Bird threw her self over and over two or three times, and dyed with her Breast upward, her Head downwards, and her Neck awry.

last night

la's traffic has made people very mean towards each other. in my opinion. people are getting shtoopid as well.

so I am at rite aide in line and I hear "yersodaspilled." what? I look down the conveyor belt and there was a bottle of soda on it's side spilling all over my stuff. "yer soda spilled." said this 300 lb woman wearing a moomoo and no bra. "That's not my soda." "bob" she says to the cashier, "there's a spill here. it's not mine because I don't drink soda."

I just stood there shocked. bob asks,"is this your soda?"


"you know it's not mine because I don't drink soda." she says.

for the sake of all, I just couldn't get out of this mess fast enough.

Monday, February 12, 2007

I had a dream last night

actually, I had two.

the first one was that I was dying. I didn't want to go the medical route. so I went looking for some thugs and they shot a big silver ball into my arm. it was supposed to make me bleed to death, but skin just grew over it and I still lived.

the second dream was that I was a security guard for a big event. there was a boxing ring in the middle. in walk Tom and Kate and Suri. she's of walking age at this point. I mean suri. ok so when tom walks in, the crowd goes nuts. I am standing right next to them. I can feel suri against my leg. as the crowd goes nuts, Tom raises his arms in the air and lets go of suri's hand. I feel her gone. I mean I literally feel the absence of her presents. I confess this to tom. I woke up just as he was going to give me the blame.

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