Saturday, November 11, 2006

gorgeous day

it was a fun day for a hike. 64 degrees made it east to go far and fast. I have got to shave some pounds fast. always the same old issue for me. good things are happening for me. I just want you to know. I am a little stress about money, but l am choosing not to think about it.
at any rate, look at this place. so pretty.

friday night

This space was pretty interesting. it was huge. we saw kid congo last night. he was good. I feel like this entry is pretty stale. I haven't had my coffee yet. the music, vibrating through the wood floor was making me have to pee every few minutes. so I took a series of photos of me on the pot. don't I look happy? I liked the lighting in that restroom. blah blah. btw, I broke up with my therapist. I should have texted her. isn't that what all the kids do?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

forest girls

I should have mentioned my encounters with the forest girls in portland. the chances of seeing a forest girl is going to be higher in portland that in most places. definitely higher than la. then you mix that with a will oldham show and voila. They are beautiful and so far away. creamy skinned, soft voices and big dreamy eyes. The show said sold out, but they still tried. "does anyone have a ticket?" I felt morally obligated to give them mine, but I resisted. I should also mention, that forest girls come one at a time. as quickly as they present, they flutter gone. I could almost hear "goodbye... goodbye...goodbye."
A few of them made it into the show and one of them made it on stage. Will said that she had to know the lyrics to 3 songs or to "share her inspiration."

I wished that I was on the 405 or in joshua tree

instead I was in my new therapists office. she sucks. I liked her last week. I thought that she was an earth faerie and that we would spend our sessions in the dirt looking for life. instead, she summed me up like a two bit whore. "so that makes you angry?" "you need approval?" blah blah. she totally pissed me off when she yawned and checked her watch. I wanted to leave at that moment. I should have asked her nicely to show me her underwear. that would help me get over my childhood.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area

Red and I attempted to go on a hike in the "no crime" zone. This park was just frggin' weird. I think that funding left his park a while ago. In that sense, it is a Los Angeles gem. The trail was overgrown and pretty scary. I like the idea of this park. I still like it. It's pretty interesting. Signs everywhere. No swimming, no crime, rattle snakes, fire hazard, lake closed, and only five catch limit on the fish. I can't imagine who would eat these fish. So there you have it.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

more karen madness

I had to show more. I just like the way these pictures look. I like old buildings and blue skies. so shoot me. it's a funny old town. This middle eastern woman asked me if I voted for arnold. I was afraid to answer. you just never know who likes whom these days. isn't the kkk behind lieberman? I kid... sort of. I voted my heart and that put me in the grave. i am not even stoned and I am coming up with this crap. if you are still reading, thanks. I appreciate it.

look at this sun go

jeez louise. this pup is out of control today. Is it from the voting gods? did you vote? I sort of love it. I mean, I totally love it. it seems kind of silly in november and I sure hope that no earthquakes are coming. that would suck for sure. rents would come down, no? so would your apartment. I am not being nice. It's a gorgeous day. where's my frigging pony?

102 here today

I read 102 on the 10 at crenshaw at 3 o'clock. here's proof of 100.

Monday, November 06, 2006

will oldham in portland

I love him

It was a hot day

I am sure that you know that. 90 or so. I did a little, but not much. I wanted to do more. As I sit here writing this, my stomach sits on my lap. I hate that shit. I had my pony last week, but I fear that the trip to Portland, while fun, set me a little off track. I think that it was culture shock. More like weather shock. I think from being outside so much here, it was strange to be forced in. It's strange to say, but it 's good to be back here. The devil kitten wrapped herself around my head last night and gave me the best of dreams. My little spirit guide.

HUMANBELL opened up for will oldham

this band was awesome

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Fortunately, Randy loved them just as I much as I do. They were so hungry and aggressive. It was great. The trip was nice overall. I no longer have a need to move to Portland. That rain and wind was just too confining.


beware of the "package deals" from priceline. this place was in the middle of shitsville. this was our view. it was a good trip. I could have gone for just one night though.

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