Saturday, October 28, 2006


I think that pissing misadventures are coming to an end. my friend read my blog and suggested that I have a urinary tract infection. duh! I am a new girl now, soon, and I am feeling good, soon.

The super duper market

Every thing that you need is right here. Would you take a look at this? It's funny, because I had wanted to get some material for this blog from the peace march, but I have a bunch of excuses. It was 90 today. Parking was for one hour only. blah blah blah. I really do want the war to end, but I did what all good peace nicks do. I hit the mall. So sick. At least I punished myself. And saw "Jesus camp" . Oh my. This movie scared the be-you-know-who out of me. We have to start splitting the country up. Too many people for all to be properly represented and too many buffoon's, who want the power of, (what are we at?) 3 million people at their will. So gross.

Friday, October 27, 2006

my honey and a pretty night

would you look at this? there's nothing wrong. I am a happy girl tonight.


devil kitten

Nostalgia for burger king...Oh what a night

this burger king was once the most lush fast food joints in the area. I kind of like how it sits now. Initially, I would weep for the foliage. I had aspirations of dragging a garden hose down there and water our dying friends. I never did it. infact, none of us did. so look what happened. who cares, right? I mean burger king was always pretty nasty and this particular location was really crappy. now it serves as a park for the homeless and this cat. I will feed the cat tomorrow. I believe that it is the guardian and will ensure that nothing bad will happen to this sacred ground. I say that we start giving the land back.

looking good

Thursday, October 26, 2006

look up

I love these buildings. I have become aware that my post are starting to turn mundane. so, I wanted to mention that I did wet my pants today. it happened after I was driving around downtown, trying to waste time before I met a friend (which I ended up bailing on. sorry bill.). At any rate, it took an hour to get home and by the time I pulled up to the curb, I had to run it. As I got out of the car, it just started to flow. I struggled with the keys, ran into the house and onto the toilet. By the time I hit the god of appropriate relief, there wasn't much to offer. So it gets me thinking. I think that I pee for perversion. I have peed since grade school I used to do it because I hated using the bathrooms at school, but now it's matured. If I dove into this deeply, I would say that it satiates the need to do something naughty in public and it also is a total physical having the stinking piss completely saturate me with it's warmth and wet. I mean it's awful. I just keep doing it. I also think that the moment of the piss is the orgasmic moment for me. it's me all over me. It also serves as another chance for me to hate myself. I wonder if my neighbor is blogging me and the use of our walkway? I know that this is a huge case of TMI, but if you can't handle it, I welcome you to drink my piss. I love talking shit. take it easy.


downtown la

downtown la is so interesting. it's the celebration of a society gone to shit. the coolest buildings are the ones in the most forgotten parts of town. la is the teardown build up new and uglier capital of the world. that last statement maybe drastic, but it is true. everywhere is "the new silverlake". I bet silverlake hates that.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

on a clear day...

Today my darling friend took me for a hike. she is so agile and I felt 100 years old. it sucks when you get that far gone. so I am all over it now. right? new me coming up. who cares? it was a fun hike. it's great to see la from this vantage point. the greatest city in the world.

such a hike

would you hit it? I had to take the color out and all, but I love the gut.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

job interview

this is me waiting for the dude to come interview me. promising, huh? I got to burbank two hours early. I have this problem. when I have to pee, I have to go bad. so... I was trying to find a mall, because the valley has malls. I drove into this structure and drove around and around. the pee building up. I hit a dead end. who ever heard of a mall with a dead end? so I got out and squatted. ahhh... it felt so good. I get back in the car and think, "I really should have tp in the car." as I drive off, I feel the pee from my snatch soaking up my panties. I hope that they don't smell it in the interview. maybe because of this, I gave the strangest interview of my life. I brought a demo reel, but wasn't sure if truly was a demo reel. I said, "I hope that there is no porn on here." they laughed, but I was serious. I swear, the interview went way south, but I asked for a shit load of money. I hope that they call me back. ha!

then it was on to cj's for lunch

This place combines southern style food with mexican food. carnitas with grits.

I want to live here

aren't these places great? I want to live here so bad. c'mon lotto.

stache wax

I got my facial hair taken off here. This place is great and cheap. the best part is the insults that get thrown your way. my lady said that she's got to do hers as well because she is looking like a man.

Monday, October 23, 2006

costco w/mom vs me

this is my mom and this is costco. I thought about not writing about my mom as I really don't think that she would appreciate it. I gave it some thought and well... here ye read. my mom is a real pip. we went to lunch and she asked if I would want to split a costco card with her. she said that two women in her building split one. I said no, but she dropped her head and I can't resist her pout. we went to costco. right when I got there, I knew that I was in hell. parking was just stupid. I told my mom that i would look around to see if it was something that I could get into. it looked ok. but who needs 5 lbs of nuts? at any rate, I agreed to splitting the card with her. the whole thing was so stupid, because the card was only fifty dollars. the clerk wanted proof that I lived with my mom. it just turned into a mess, my mom got the card and I split the cost. afterwards we went back in to shop around. really, what is the big deal? it;s just a bunch of crap in bulk packs. what ever. I got played and my mom got a costco card. I love you mom.

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